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trophy house and hunting lodge renovation


Pie Ranch?s renovation project will convert the Trophy House and Hunting Lodge into a classroom and multipurpose gathering space for our educational programs, students, farmers and visitors. The space will be used for classroom instruction and meetings during the day, and it will transform to a dining room, lounge area and bunkhouse for overnight group visits.

Currently, the majority of pie ranch's programming for youth and adults takes place outdoors, and groups staying overnight have to camp in tents. The renovated classroom space will provide a comfortable and well-lit indoor alternative for learning activities and meals during inclement weather and after dark. By converting the space to a bunkhouse, visitors will have the option to sleep in a heated indoor space.

The Hunting Lodge will enable Pie Ranch to host more visitors, even different groups, at the same time, with additional gathering places in the farmhouse, roadside barn, and outdoors. When the farmhouse renovation is complete, it will also have additional bunk rooms on the second floor. These renovations will make Pie Ranch more hospitable for our youth visitors, and a more attractive space for adults to rent for group events, meetings, or overnight retreats.


6,000 sqft

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