Richard Johnson Design

studio for urban projects: century house


The ?Century House Project? is a mixed-use development in the Inner Mission district of San Francisco. Located at the corner of 21st and Harrison Street, this speculative project is aimed at maximizing the potential of an existing dilapidated commercial structure at the front of the property, and expanding the current program by adding a new single-family house at the rear of the lot. The projects clients, The Studio for Urban Projects - a small Collaborative Arts organization, founded in 2006 is an artist collaborative that perceives art as a means of advancing civic engagement and furthering public dialogue. The Studio wants to offer a new model for how to repurpose and redefine a small historic structure on a very open lot in a dense residential neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco. The primary goal of the proposed project is a way to rethink the traditional artist studio and storefront, by redesigning the existing structure so that it readily converts from a private workspace to a public venue for the staging of workshops, talks, film screenings and meals that foster civic dialog. To accomplish this, The Studio has proposed to transform the existing structure into a ?Community Facility? and also add a new small residential building that connects to the existing building at the rear of the lot with frontage on 21st Street.

San Francisco, CA