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open field: sf parklet


Open Field is a proposal for both a site specific Parklet as well as a modular system for creating configurable Parklet?s throughout the city of san francisco. It creates spaces for people as well as habitat for wildlife, bringing visitors into intimate contact with a sliver of urban wilderness. The project?s title is Inspired by the open field agricultural systems developed in Medieval Europe which wove together multiple uses of common land. The project extends this concept to areas used by humans and wildlife alike. Often nature and the city are seen in opposition. We travel to our nations parks and national seashores to experience migrating birds, blossoming wildflowers or to catch a glimpse of a rare butterfly. Our concept of nature is one of an untouched, pristine landscape. However, nature is also resilient and nuanced. It is expressed all around us in the city from the plants that sprout up in vacant lots to the red-tailed hawks that ride the air currents around our skyscrapers.Open Field is designed as a modular system of programmatic components that may be tailored to each Parklet site. INFRASTRUCTURAL ENDS provide opportunities for solar collection and rainwater harvesting systems as well as storage for the necessary equipment to run those systems including batteries, hoses, pumps, and water storage tanks. These ends allow the Parklet to function independently of urban utilities. The infrastructural ends also join multiple parklets allowing for them to extend to multiple parking spaces. PLATFORM UNITS stretch between the two infrastructural ends and are configured in 16? and 32? widths. The platforms define the space and furnish the ground plane for the rest of the program. The FURNITURE SYSTEM provides the programmatic as well as structural foundation of the space. Benches and stools, tables, planters, bike racks, habitat elements (birdbox, birdbaths), interpretive signage, cable railings, and LED lighting punctuate the platforms and link the platforms together.


500 sq ft

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San Francisco, CA


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