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post ur verse


At a time when the America?s love affair with the automobile could be at a tipping point, Post Your Verse (working title) will become a sounding board for city residents to communicate their thoughts and impressions publicly about their relationship with auto transportation. Using the street banner as the primary medium, it is the intention of the project artists to stimulate a conversation among Culver City citizens about the role the automobile has had in shaping their life styles and a speculation about how external changes could affect the way people live and work in the future. Utilizing the cinematic experience of driving along Washington Boulevard, Post Your Verse mixes contemporary communication media with the historical. Phased over three years, Post Your Verse will display a series of banners occupying most if not all the light standards on Washington Blvd. Between Walnut Street and the 405 Freeway. Drivers who regularly use Washington Boulevard will notice the gradual accumulation of banners printed with community generated verses over the three-year period of the project.

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