Richard Johnson Design

soex offsite


SoEx Offsite was a design build project for a store front in the heart of the mission district in San Francisco. This project was planned and built as an inexpensive prefabricated system that simply was erected within the existing interior space. The design was intended to support the center with an office and the artist participants with a laboratory, to showcase a yearlong program of urban investigation. The off-site project was a series of public art projects and related programs investigating artists? strategies for exploring and mapping public space. Similar strategies can be traced to the Situationist?s derive, the practice of drifting through urban space, and psychogeography, the study of the effects of the geographic environment on the emotions and behavior of individuals. The year-long series features eight projects utilizing strategies such as simple acts of walking and note taking, to projects employing high-tech and technological apparatuses as a means to disseminate geographical and historical information, to performances, actions, or events.


1000 sq ft

San Francisco, CA


southern exposure