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geometry playground


RJD worked as the lead Exhibition Designer with a team of twenty other exhibit developers, Scientists and Educators from the Exploratorium to develop "Geometry Playground: An Immersive Learning Laboratory?. This indoor 5,000 square foot traveling exhibition that includes a combination of immersive, table-top hands-on and electronic game elements on spatial and mathematical learning (Seeing, Moving, and Fitting things together) outdoor versions of selected exhibits from the full exhibition for public and school playgrounds and museums; a Web site that is optimized for Web-enabled mobile phones; three artist residencies related to exhibit design; and Exploratorium-staff conducted research studying variables that affect learning geometry in immersive environments. The project aims to engage public audiences with geometry in new ways both in museums and throughout communities and to improve the profession's knowledge base on learning in physically immersive environments. Other partners include: Landscape Architecture, Inc., the Science Museum of Minnesota, and three science and children's museums around the country (Brooklyn Children's Museum, Sciencenter - Ithaca, NY, Science Works - Ashland, OR).


5,000 sqft

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