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The Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA) is a San Francisco-based nonprofit dedicated to building social consciousness through digital culture. Guided by the principles of openness, collaboration, and resource sharing, their programs promote creativity at the intersection of art, design, sound, and technology. GAFFTA phase one development that opened in 2009 currently occupies a storefront along Taylor Street. Housing a Gallery and A.I.R facility. This space provides a very public place for exchange between artist and audience. From interactive installations to immersive audio-visual performances, Gray Area regularly showcases world-class media from emerging and established artists at the forefront of the progressive arts community. RJD was hired to design GAFFTA?s phase two facilities, which will occupy a 5000 sq ft set of storefronts adjacent to their current location. The new site is located at the intersection of Taylor and Turk streets in San Francisco. The corner site has a clear relationship to the street making it a perfect space to expand GAFFTA?s programming potential. The expansion will include an audio-visual performance space, two adjoining production studios - one for audio and one for video, a café/bar and a retail component (as of yet not determined).


5,000 sqft

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Gray Area Foundation for the Arts