Richard Johnson Design

thick skin


Utilizing CAD/CAM technology, this project focused on the design and fabrication of an outdoor installation that evolves from the scale of the human body. After selecting a sight in a high profile public plaza, our team of five designers chose to relate to the sight specificity by deriving the form by the way people typically moved through the space. After documenting the motions of people within the site, we used new Motion Capture Technology, typically used for movies and video game production, to document the movement of the body, and translate then to the computer. The motion capture process involves wearing a suit of LED lights placed at key joints of human motion. Twelve cameras in the studio capture the motion of the lights, as the body moves. A computer then produces an animated 3D model of these joints in space. This model was then used to create a shape that defines the volume the body occupies while moving through the space. These volumes were then subtracted from the cubic envelope of the installation. The resulting form was designed to be utilized by people visiting the plaza and installation. design team, nash hurley, beau trincia, luke wendler, joshua zabel and richard johnson

berkeley, ca