Richard Johnson Design



Primary Investigator: Susan Schwartzenberg

Research and Design: Rick Johnson & Susan Schwartzenberg

Trans-formation was a research project with a mandate to establish both a physical and conceptual armature for how artists and design teams could potentially utilize historic documentation and architectural elements from the Transbay Transit Center to create new interpretive exhibits, installations, new media projects and gathering places in and around the new Transit Center (currently under construction).

Spaces or themes outlined in our initial research:

A) The Transbay Terminal History 1939 ? 2009: Utilizing remnants and artisan details (terrazzo, brass rail, and copper signage) salvaged from the existing terminal. Artifacts also included would be photographs and descriptions of the architecture of the Terminal and its place in the history of San Francisco. Homage to 20th century engineering - The 1939 Terminal as a companion to the Bay Bridge. Utilizing a piece of steel span and/or riveted column as can be salvaged from the existing terminal this exhibit will be designed as a canopy, arcade, or sculptural piece situated in the park with a view to the bridge.

B) Trains, Traveling and Transportation: Driven by recollections (oral histories) of people who traveled on the Key System this exhibit environment will consist of refurbished architectural elements (redesigned as display/media kiosks.

C) A Day in the Life of the Terminal: This exhibit component would combine other artifacts, stories and photographs that evoked the city-within-a city feeling of the original terminal that housed restaurants, a state jail, travel and magazine concessions. Drawers could become display cases and the backside of the stand could be merged into a display case with imagery, video and artifacts.

D) Maps and visualizations: Utilizing new tracking technologies, electronic media and traditional displays of maps and routes this interpretive component will reflect upon historic and contemporary patterns of travel routes and the technology that has evolved to record these efficient systems of movement that contribute to the experience and pace of contemporary life.


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