Richard Johnson Design




In all forms of warehousing, goods need to be transferred, housed and repackaged for delivery. The warehouse as shelter has served this function and has become an emblematic symbol intertwined within the physical and virtual landscape. As this system grew and accepted these symbols of commerce, transport corridors were transformed into relay-networks of commerce. As seen from the highways and freeways, the warehouse has taken on the qualities of a mirage blending into the landscape and our psyche. This transformation has been reinforced to a greater degree today because of new computer related technologies. As these digital technologies where introduced into warehouse design there?s been a gradual shift in the nature of how the warehouse as a system is positioned in the landscape. This transformation has allowed the warehouse as a building system to become a fluid part of a much larger system. The warehouse, which historically has been seen as a single node in the landscape, is now part of a vast network of other warehouse nodes.

south san francicso, ca