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world trade center memorial


This was an open international competition that was conducted in two stages. The first stage (Stage I) required the submission of design concepts on a single presentation board. Members of the Memorial Competition jury evaluated the submissions. Stage I evaluations were anonymous. At the end of Stage I, the jury selected eight finalists to proceed to a second stage (Stage II) during which the finalists further developed their design concepts. The jury selected these finalists based on how their designs met the principles of the Memorial Mission Statement and Program as well as excellence in design. The design consisted of 3,022 audio vessels arranged on the memorial site, one for each life lost at the World Trade Center. These markers are configured around the original tower footprints and will function as devices for leaving an audio tribute and listening to it one year later. Individuals may choose to leave their contributions on any day of the year, marking a wedding anniversary, birthday, or other significant date yearly, monthly, or daily. These stories will continually cycle through the site as they are renewed in active remembrance by visitors to the memorial throughout the year. As these testimonies interweave across the site, they will form both a tribute to the individual as well as a point of collective reflection.


80,000 sqft

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The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC)