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gfe: greenhouse redesign


The Garden for the Environment (GFE) maintains a nationally acclaimed one-acre urban demonstration garden and offers environmental education programs about organic gardening, urban compost systems and sustainable food systems. Since its founding in 1990, the garden has operated as a demonstration site for small-scale urban ecological food production, organic gardening and low water-use landscaping. Originally built with volunteer labor and recycled materials at the same time of the garden?s founding by the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners (SLUG) almost 20 years ago, the GFE?s greenhouse, toolshed and other built structures are in serious need of repair. The RJD's appraoch to the renewal of these structures is to think of the site holistically and to help the GFE imagine how its educational programs might be enhanced through the redesign of the site. Our plan is to extend both the public and the educational capacities of the garden by rethinking how its functions can be more spatially expressed. We also hope to demonstrate green building principles such as rain water catchment and passive daylighting.


10,000 approx. sqft

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Garden for the Environment