Richard Johnson Design



The flows of freight have been a fundamental component of change in economic systems at the global, regional and local scale. This postindustrial landscape that has emerged, can best be described as a network of free-flowing spaces representing a synthesis of attitudes and patterns, which support work, capital, and body relations. As vast stretches of land are being transformed into staging areas for this pervasive supply chain network, displacement of the physical topography with a synthetic topology has occurred. As a result, infrastructure has replaced topographical features and the landscape that was once thought of as infinite in scale has become finite in form. These new hybrid spaces, serve as entry points where both landscape and building become one, while simultaneously processing and channeling these flows, data streams, and resources. Exchange explores these new notions of landscape/building as a series of spectacles. Each scenario or spatial event, urban, suburban and rural, converts material flows and exchange into parameters for design. Exchange is not about inventing new forms, new programs, or new sites, it is about re-inventing them, again and again, by submitting them to a process of continuous sampling, splicing, and mixing.

berkeley, ca

Reno, NV

Sacramento, CA