Richard Johnson Design

22 x 15


22X15 was a project created to examine the phenomena of urban development shaping Charlotte, North Carolina. Focused on the interaction between urban growth and atrophy that seemed to characterize this fast-expanding southern city, we created web site as a tool for investigation. Entitled 22X15, for the dimensions of the city, the site formed a log of our impressions and research tracing the forces of development. Thematically, the site included a broad examination of urban expansion from the conception of the highway system and the vision of the skyscraper to the damaging effects of the automobile and the abandonment of the inner city. Exhibited for eight months in a public shopping mall, the site was housed in a structure inspired by forms of mobile architecture. 22X15 was presented as an installation in the exhibition Turning Point: South 2000.


400 sq ft

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Charlotte, NC


Arts Commission, Charlotte N.C.